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Appreciating the Life of a Senior

With the façade of old age: gray hair, wrinkly skin, and weak bodies, it is easy to overlook the worth of seniors, even to the point wherein people see them as a nuisance rather than a gem of their ancestry. But little do we know is that behind all these withered features is a life … Continue reading

Aging Well: Tips to Help Seniors Age Gracefully at Home

Getting older involved changes in all aspects of life. From physical to social changes, some of these changes may be regarded as positive or negative. The real challenge is to maximize the good parts of getting older while taking the necessary steps to minimize the negative aspects. As your trusted provider of private home care … Continue reading

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The Role of In-Home Care in Tuesdays with Morrie

For anyone not familiar with the book, Tuesdays with Morrie, it is about an academic scholar named Morrie, who was diagnosed with ALS, spending his Tuesdays with his former student. He gives out lessons about the meaning of life and death. But more than these lessons, the story in itself offers insights about senior care … Continue reading

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Recommended Foods for the Older Adults

The elderly need to keep up with the right nutrition so that their bodies can sustain their medication and prevent them from dehydrating. As a provider of in home health services in New York, we understand the struggle of every older adult when it comes to their meals. We know strong medications have side effects … Continue reading

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Positive Attitude Toward Aging

Your knees may now involuntarily wobble sometimes, but do you make a dance out of it? Don’t simply endure aging; enjoy it! Surely, those decades behind you haven’t get rid of your inner shine though they may have taken away some of the teeth in your smile. With or without the aid of home care … Continue reading

Bathroom Fall Prevention Tips for the Elderly

Falling is one of the major causes of accidents and injuries among the elderly, and it usually happens in the high-traffic areas of their home, such as the kitchen, their room, or in the bathroom. Here, we focus on eliminating the falling risks in the bathroom. Take note of these tips from a provider of … Continue reading

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