Bathroom Fall Prevention Tips for the Elderly

Bathroom Fall Prevention Tips for the Elderly

Falling is one of the major causes of accidents and injuries among the elderly, and it usually happens in the high-traffic areas of their home, such as the kitchen, their room, or in the bathroom. Here, we focus on eliminating the falling risks in the bathroom. Take note of these tips from a provider of home care services in Brewster, New York:

  • Use non-slip shower and floor mats
    Wet surfaces lead to slippery floors, and thus, a greater risk of falling for the elderly. It is wise that you replace slippery items with non-slip carpets or shower mats.
  • Install a raised toilet seat and grab bars
    The traditional toilet seat may no longer be safe for your elderly loved one as they may have trouble lowering or pulling themselves up from the level of the toilet. Private home care in New York recommends that you install a raised toilet seat with safety rails or grab bars to hold them in place while standing or sitting.
  • Make essential items within their reach
    Essential shower items should be easily accessible to them. Make sure the bottles aren’t too heavy to lift and that the robe or towel are hung nearby.
  • Request a home safety evaluation
    Let a provider of in-home health services in New York check your home’s safety and make specific recommendations on where and how to modify certain places at home.

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