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Bedsores: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention


Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, injure the skin when it is exposed to prolonged pressure. These are often evident on the body’s bony areas, which include the ankles, hips, heels, elbows, shoulder blades, spine, tailbone, as well as the back of the arms, legs, and knees.

These symptoms of bedsores include:

  • Tender, warmer areas of the skin
  • Unusual changes in the color or texture of the skin
  • Swelling and/or pus-like draining

These may be caused by:

  • Constant pressure on the body parts, which hinders the blood flow from delivering the necessary oxygen and other nutrients to tissues
  • Friction when the skin rubs against the bedding or clothing
  • Shear when, for instance, the skin gets stretched as the body moves to the opposite direction

Individuals who use a wheelchair or are bedridden can avail of in home health services in New York to avoid getting bedsores. They should lift their body to reposition oneself, if possible, as well as shift their weight to lessen the pressure on joints and other body parts. For wheelchair users, it is ideal to shift one’s weight every 15 minutes.

To ensure that the body is well-positioned, it would also help to use specialty wheelchairs or beds. Also, if the bed can be elevated on the upper part, it should be raised at only 30 degrees or less to prevent shearing.

Homebound individuals may also ask providers of home care services in Brewster, New York to make sure that they get repositioned once every hour. These in-home assistants can help treat existing bedsores. The said treatment and prevention of bedsores also include skin care routines that involve frequent moisturizing, inspection, and protection of the skin.

If you have loved ones who need caregivers to assist with the changing of position, transferring, and more, Civility Home Care can help. We provide private home care in New York and can help the ones you care about to avoid getting bedsores.

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