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How to Prepare a Safer Home for Aging Parents

How to Prepare a Safer Home for Aging Parents

Having aging parents at home requires extra carefulness and great patience in caring for them. You need to plan and adjust your pieces of furniture and the things around your house for their safety. You also have to put yourself in their situation and observe your home from their perspective. It is important to have a safe environment for them to avoid falls.

As a provider of home care services in Brewster, New York, we at Civility Home Care understand your worry for your loved ones’ safety. We have enumerated these ways on how to prepare your homes for your aging parents:

  • Remove fall hazards

    Reduce hazards that might cause serious injuries to your aging parents. Remove unnecessary decorations such as throw rugs. These rugs may lack rubberized support and may be slippery for seniors. You also need to keep in mind to let your aging parents wear non-slip footwear at home.

  • Light the way

    As your loved ones get older, they need more light to guide them at home. You need to understand that their vision is not that clear anymore. Put bright lightbulbs in your hallways and your stairwells. Also, put some extra lamps in their rooms and their favorite places in the house.

  • Call in a pro

    Start fall-proofing your home by getting help from well-trained people. As a provider of private home care in New York, we can help with your home modifications to make it easier and safer for your aging parents. We have dependable caregivers who can take care of your loved ones and your homes when you’re busy with your other responsibilities.

By following these easy steps and with the help of the providers of in home health services in New York, you can assure your loved ones’ safety in your own home. It is important to make them feel that they are taken care of for them to be happy in their golden years.

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