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Seniors’ Health: What Is Sundowning Syndrome?

Seniors' Health: What Is Sundowning Syndrome?

Do you have a senior loved one who acts differently when it’s late in the afternoon or early at night? Doctors refer to this phenomenon as sundown syndrome or sundowning. It is triggered by the lack of sunlight, and its symptoms might get worse the later the evening gets but get better when morning comes.

Researchers have posited theories about the causes of the syndrome, but there is currently no sure reason why it happens.

Providers of in home health services in New York and other areas have seen this condition in action among seniors under their care. Family caregivers are recommended to take some steps to manage the challenges that come with sundowning, including letting the senior loved one’s doctor know about noticeable changes.

Some of the symptoms that family caregivers may notice when a senior loved one is sundowning are agitation, anxiousness, restlessness, irritability, confusion, disorientation, suspicion, feeling upset, and being more demanding than usual. They may also yell or pace out of the blue, have mood swings, and hear or see things that you don’t see.

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