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Sports for Seniors


Who says exercise is only for the young ones? Physical activity is beneficial for the “young once,” too! Home care services in Brewster, New York suggest for seniors to be physically active to help reduce various health risks. Sports, for instance, can prevent falls, obesity, stress, heart diseases, osteoporosis, and other unwanted health conditions for the elderly.

This is why Civility Home Care recommends these sports for your senior loved ones:

  • Nordic Walking
    Traditionally, this Scandinavian sport was a practice of walking quickly in snowy fields. Now, it involves the use of sticks in carbon fiber. Pushing the sticks exercises the arms, pectoral muscles, shoulders, and gluteal muscles; it is also good for one’s endurance. If you’re wary of your loved one’s safety while engaging in this activity, in home health services in New York can provide ambulatory assistance.
  • Tai Chi Chuan
    This traditional Chinese martial art, now practiced as a graceful and gentle form of exercise, can strengthen the muscle tone and improve the balance and flexibility of elders, especially those with arthritis or heart problems.
  • Yoga
    Harmonizing the body and spirit, this exercise tones up the internal organs while softening the body’s joints. Stretching and breathing techniques help relax the muscles. The best thing about this activity is that it can be done at home where they can be assisted and taken care of by providers of private home care in New York.
  • Gymnastics
    This is another way to strengthen and tone up the body. Other than indoor gymnastics, they can also try the aqua gym, memory gym, or body building. These activities can even be good for their memory.

However, always remember that precaution is essential before letting your senior loved ones do such activities. Check with their doctors and make sure that they don’t get overworked. Provide them with the appropriate attire and equipment as well.

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