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Trip Down Memory Lane for Dementia Patients

Trip Down Memory Lane for Dementia Patients

Memory loss is the glaring symptom of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, which may progress over time. However, there are ways you can bring back their remembrance of faces and good old days. A private home care in New York lists down ways to do so:

  • Reminiscing through photo albums
    Photo albums are helpful aids in bringing back memories and events for dementia patients. You may flip through the photos or make them help you put those in their right places in the album while discussing them all together. Take note that you don’t force them to remember names as it can frustrate them. Frequent showing can help them recognize people they see regularly.
  • Multimedia use
    Television can help stir the memory of a dementia patient. A provider of home care services in Brewster, New York recommends that you install one or if your home already has, play the old family DVDs or VHS tapes. Let them listen to old songs, too, as they don’t just jog memory but also help patients feel calm.
  • Evoke memories via senses
    For instance, they can remember their spouses via their old favorite cologne or perfume. They may also remember the vivid times when the smell of homemade pies had waft through the home or simply via freshly picked flowers.

A provider of in home health services in New York, Civility Home Care, believes that even if dementia can steal the patients’ memories away, activities as these using memory aids and evoking of senses can help them recall from time to time.

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