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Our Mission Statement

We pledge to serve our clients safely and effectively whenever services are needed. Our employees work to develop positive relationships and strong communication with all clients, ensuring we remain responsive to changing needs.

happy patient with her caretaker

Who We Are

The challenges of life become more difficult when they are faced alone. Family and friends are not always available, and feelings of loneliness and isolation often affect a person’s outlook on life. Civility Home Care exists to provide compassionate and reliable staff who will support each client’s needs, safeguard their dignity, and enhance their daily life. Our service is tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

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What We Do

At Civility Home Care we are dedicated to well-being for all, and our foundation lies in providing compassionate support at home for clients and their caregivers. Wishing to do more, our company continues to grow and offers assistance in other settings including rehabilitation facilities, independent living facilities, residential living facilities and more. Knowing that improved comfort may sometimes require specific aids or equipment, Civility Home Care has partnered with medical supply service to our growing suite. We want seniors and others who face the challenges of aging, illness, or injury, to have access to everything they need to live their best possible lives.

Our Values | Vision

We pledge to provide safe and effective support to all clients, in all settings. We strive to uplift the quality of life for all those we work for - and those we work with. Our teams take the time to develop positive relationships with each client and respond to the changing needs or circumstances. We are further committed to our clients and partners in the communities we serve, with the highest quality of service delivery.

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happy patient with her caretaker

Our Team

Our team works together to ensure our operations and our delivery of services are seamless and responsive. Every team member strives toward realizing the Civility Home Care vision. Our goal is to provide the communities we serve with exceptional service and positive outcomes. We envision a world where everyone receives the help and support they seek.

happy patient with her caretaker

Our Company Culture

Civility Home Care has a culture of consideration, dedication, honesty, compassion, and trust among our staff and between our staff and our clients. By cultivating this culture everyone benefits. We are dedicated to fostering an atmosphere that promotes respect, diversity, and quality of life, where personal aspirations may be achieved.

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Ralph & James

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to thank Civility Home Care and their aides Angela Liburd and Angel Mtolo for the outstanding care they have given my uncle, Anthony Nenni, for the past 23 months. My uncle has had a number of 24/7 in-home aides for the past 4 3/4 years, and Angela and Angel were by far the best.

My uncle is a diabetic. When Angela started working with him, he was on daily insulin injections and a weekly shot of Ozempic, Angela, on her own initiative, researched the best Food for diabetics and changed his diet. This allowed my uncle to come off both the insulin and Ozempic injections. This made him happy and lessened the burden on the family which prior to this had to have someone available everyday at 5:00pm to give him his shot(s). Previous aides had just taken his diabetes as a given and fed him whatever they wanted.

Angela was excellent at keeping us informed. She always filled out the daily forms we created to ensure my uncle was showering, brushing his teeth, and taking his meds. She also regularly recorded his blood pressure and blood sugar values as well as what he ate. Whenever we visit, she gives us a verbal update of anything and everything that could affect his health.

Angela engaged my uncle in conversation and activities even though the dementia has stolen much of his personality and ability to socially engage with others. She took him out for rides which he really seemed to enjoy.

It really appears that Angela views her caregiving as a vocation rather than a job. We were very happy to have her caring for my uncle.

We were concerned when she had to leave that the next aide would not be able live up to the high standard we had come to expect. We need not have been. First, Angela took the time to completely brief Angel on her regimens for my uncle. Second, Angel herself is also a talented and caring aide.

Although Angel was only with us for 2 months before my uncle was placed in a nursing home, she was wonderful to work with. My uncle`s care never wavered. She followed Angela`s regimes and my uncle`s blood sugar numbers remained low. She was always caring and gentle with my uncle, seeming to instinctively know when to he needed help and when to give him space. And the house never looked cleaner!

We wish to thank them and Civility for the outstanding service to my uncle. Angela and Angel are exception aides and any family that is paired with them in the future should consider themselves lucky.



Good morning:

Without taking anything away from other aides, I want to let you know that I think Juliet, whom you sent last Friday and today, and Erica, who came yesterday and hopefully again tomorrow are wonderful. They anticipate needs, are helpful, professional, friendly and very competent. Maybe it's that they have more experience than some of the other aides; I don't know. But I wanted to reach out to you to let you know I think they are awesome.

Juliet does not let her English handicap her, she had the foresight to call and ask to have what I needed done translated for her. Just very professional.

Best regards,


Civility helped my family out in a pinch, with taking in my mum. We called and searched other agencies, but they were not willing to work with our needs and finances. They provided us with excellent care. I would recommend!